Start a Private Practice:

My reputation for simultaneously helping beginning owners initiate and execute the daunting task of starting a private practice while keeping them encouraged and motivated has preceded me. Because of this work-ethic, many new and now existing private practice owners have continued to recommend me to others who dream of being their own bosses and creating their own schedules, all while helping clients to create their own happy ever after as well. I am happy to say that every day the metropolitan Detroit area is filled with competent mental health professionals that I have had the pleasure of mentoring. Nevertheless, some of the biggest benefits to having me as a mentor are minimizing time consuming and costly mistakes, unlocking an abundance of resources that you will have full access to, and learning how to utilize professional tools that will help you become a mental health provider in high demand. So . . .


Are you ready to not only learn how to fill your professional calendar with clients and simultaneously manage a waiting list as well?

Do you want to have a flexible schedule and determine your own income?

Would you like to have a fully functioning private practice within the next 60 to 90 days? 

Could you benefit from eliminating the worries about where and how to start? 

Do you need access to ways to get paneled with insurance, what electronic health record to use (including Telehealth) and how to get reimbursed?

If so, then let’s get started! We can do this!


(from several successful practice owners who used Diane’s services. )

I am really glad that I came to Diane before I opened my private practice. She was really helpful, kept me at ease, and was really able to help me mainstream my practice into how I envisioned it. Diane is compassionate, professional, and will go above and beyond for any customer she is working with. All my friends and fellow colleagues all have gone through Diane and we all have thriving practices. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Jillian D. Schneider, MA, MTD, LPC, CAADC, CCSAS, ACS

I tried to start a private practice three times over 5 years and quit each time because the process became too overwhelming. Figuring out where to start, who to contact, and what to do was difficult. I reached out to Diane for assistance and she  walked me through the process step by step, answered my questions, and even answered questions I didn’t know I needed to ask. She shared a plethora of resources, learned lessons, and encouragement. I have been running a successful Mental Health private practice since December 2019, only after a month of working with Diane. It would still be an idea in my head without Diane. I am forever grateful for her and her extensive knowledge. She continues to provide guidance and share resources, again that I don’t even know that I need.

Valorie Evans, LMSW

I had the opportunity to consult with Diane before I began my practice.  I didn’t really know where to begin, and Diane provided me with a step by step process to follow to take the leap into private practice.  Following Diane’s advice allowed me to not only launch my practice, but to do so successfully.  My practice was quickly up and running, and within a year I had more referrals than I knew what to do with.  I also used Diane’s guidance when I launched our clinic’s group practice.  I avoided many pitfalls by having such a wealth of information provided to me in a succinct easy to follow manner.

Rebecca Gerlach, LMSW

Diane has been an amazing resource. I’m so happy to have secured her services. When I wanted to start my private practice I wasn’t sure where to begin. Diane shared her expertise and because of her I was able to start quickly and efficiently with no missteps. My practice has grown in the past few years and when I have questions she points me in the right direction. I value her and her ability to encourage and motivate me, pushing me outside of my comfort zone yet allowing me to move at my own pace. She is a consummate professional and reliable and just a pleasant person to work with. I recommend her without hesitation to my friends and colleagues who are in the business.

Heather W. LPC

Diane Cartwright, what can I say….she was a mentor and a motivator all in one. She guided me down a path that seemed as if it had no end. I continuously stopped working on my goal due to seeming as if it was unable to be achieved but Diane would not let me. She would call me and ask where was I in the process and encouraged me not to stop. She gave me deadlines to have certain things done and next thing I know I was approaching the finish line. The time spent working with her as she answered questions was worth the cost. First off if, I had not consulted with Diane I would still be stuck on a step. She did not allow me to get stuck and she encouraged me to pursue my passion. It helped me understand the process and kept me from making a lot of errors I could have made otherwise. If you are looking for a mentor, someone to encourage you and  show you the ropes without time being wasted, Diane is the person.

I was up and running before I knew it…Diane ROCKS!!!!

Tradina Taylor, LMSW

Diane offered me her insight and expertise on how to establish my own practice with such passion. She led with first offering me the encouragement and validation necessary for me to move forward with confidence. Her practical approach to executing tasks removed some of the intimidation I initially felt. The path that she illuminates for clinical entrepreneurs is realistic and offers a full spectrum approach for an effective practice”

Shannon Martin, LMSW

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